In the past 20 years, the planning of large dining space areas, the division of classroom space positioning, and the solution of apartment space problems ... When you choose Hengfeng, not only did you choose products, but also various space professional services. This is a study about the relationship between man, machine and environment. It is also the sum of Hengfeng's years of professional theoretical knowledge and work experience.

About Catering
Hangzhou Hengfeng Furniture is the first draft of industry standard units for the four seat dining table and chair. The four seat dining table and chair is the main choice of the majority for large dining space, and the main reasons are as followed: 1. The distance of table and chair is fixed so that the whole space will be more orderly with a large amount of it; 2. The number of the chair leg is almost a half less, which makes the space less messy; 3. The space of four seat dining table and chair is better managed than that of separated one, which is convenient for cleaning. In addition, multiple choices of separated dining table and chair, booth, barstool and other furniture can make the whole space more flexible.
About Dormitory
The area of each student's apartment is very limited, so it is particularly important to realize more comprehensive functions in the limited space and meet the daily needs of students. Hengfeng furniture USES the new structure to redefine the new vision, new height and new concept of the student apartment space within the scope of the conventional limited apartment space, so as to create a more favorite apartment space for students.
About Classroom
With the frequent exchanges between schools at home and abroad and the diversification of educational forms, the requirements of schools on educational space are also constantly improved. In addition to the regular fixed desks and chairs and side-by-side activities of desks and chairs, the more flexible classroom space is more and more popular with teachers and students, and also provides more openness and fun for teaching.