National 24 - hour after - sales service line
Hangzhou hengfeng furniture with five - star after-sales service certification, has a number of professional after-sales service personnel
Service measures

1. Plenty of material is the key to ensure timely after-sales problems, in order to produce, according to the maintenance experience of past projects (e.g., haining, zhejiang university school of hangzhou tonglu, zhejiang industry and commerce university international college campus in shangyu, zhejiang university of technology campus warehouse before, hangzhou normal university campus of fuyang, zhejiang university of Chinese medicine campus Yang xun bridge ent, zhejiang university campus construction in new campus of furniture such as projects), to furniture ready for the damaged parts shall be carried out in accordance with the proportion, in receiving maintenance requirements immediately with plenty of materials for repair. 2. After the completion of furniture installation, arrange a full-time after-sales service specialist on site for one week, so as to solve various maintenance situations in the process of product use at any time. 3. The company provide 7 * 24 hours after-sales service, in the warranty period, the repair notice immediately after the response, the company will arrange maintenance staff, arrived at the scene within 2 hours, arrived at the scene after the troubleshooting time not more than four hours (major fault repair eight hours) the scene can't repair, we will provide free spare parts, spare parts and other measures, to ensure the normal use of user units. For the maintenance after the warranty period, the response time is the same as the warranty period. Our company promises to provide lifelong technical support, maintenance, spare parts and consumables supply services to the goods, and only charge the cost of spare parts and consumables, and the labor cost is exempted. 4. Used in furniture after a month, our group research and development, design, research, the using status of after-sales personnel in a timely manner to solve existing problems, and actively cooperate with the customer in function optimization (for example: haining campus of zhejiang university student apartment furniture usage survey) we will every time the door maintenance service and repair return visit to put on record, we shall be found in the records of a single product five times still did not meet the normal use state of maintenance, will use the same products replaced to ensure the normal usage of the product. After receiving the complaint call, we will reply within 10 minutes and put forward a reasonable solution to the problem, and record the complaint. Meanwhile, we will confirm the quality of the solution with the complainant again by telephone or fax within the next day after the completion of the promised solution.

Product quality assurance

We guarantee to purchase all the goods are brand new, never use a, quality level as the "high quality", we adopt advanced technology and high quality raw materials to produce the raw material of original products, its quality, specifications and technical features fully meet the requirements of the procurement people we guarantee in the quality guarantee period, due to product design, process, material defects, fittings or any product quality problem caused by the fault, we will cover the cost of maintenance required.