Product definition: fusion, mixing, spatial solution. There is a big world in a small space.
Product features: new concept, new vision, new structure
Will the overall feeling of the apartment bed to raise a new height, craft, appearance, safety comprehensive improvement.Redefined bed height to reduce fear of heights
Ladder and guardrail height redesign, more in line with the ergonomic design principle, safety to reach a new height

New idea People-oriented, from the perspective of users, through a lot of research and experiments, to create the safest, the best degree of comfort of the apartment bed. Mainly reflected in the stability, quiet, steel and wood fusion frame structure double protection. Pay attention to space solution, make full use of space. Look very neat, convenient receive, increase volume and store content space, have certain illicit close sex at the same time.

New vision The overall style has a sense of visual impact. High degree of recognition, the design inspiration of connecting parts and aluminum alloy fixed parts in the transfer border comes from the doctor's cap, safe chamfering. Round aluminum alloy handle, fashionable and novel shape, and lock fusion together, through different installation angles to create different effects. Color selection of natural wood grain combined with advanced low saturation pure color, natural comfortable warm fashion and show high-grade, this color collocation to create a quiet atmosphere.